Paint Out notes, April 29, 2019

Paint out, Monday, April 29, Sauvie Island with Host Vicki Zimmerman

Tim, Dave Vicki, Stephanie, Raphael, Chris, Donna, David M, Denise, Celeste

We met at the Cracker Barrel at 9 and then drove to the location. We all fanned out and reconvened at Noon to have a look at what we did..and to share a few thoughts about our paintings.

Tim: I intentionally sought out the most difficult subject! (A dead tree that broke apart). I wound up satisfied with the effort. 

Dave: I chose a spot over by the I elected to put in a cow!

Donna: I liked the underpainting that I did at the I left a lot of it peaking through.

Celeste: The sky was so uninteresting in the beginning. I painted a 2nd painting and I felt satisfied that I captured the colors of the day. 

Raphael: I tackled the broken tree also. It was challenging --I will return to work more on it.

Wendy: I haven't painted in pastel for I brought them today. I wanted to add a "little person" (I was inspired by another artist who also put in figures).

Vicki: I was drawn to this big shadow on the ground. I painted over an old painting...(which I always like to do_!

Stephanie: I wanted to make sure I made my trees soft to blend in with the sky. This is how it looked to me. In this 2nd painting I was mostly concerned with big shapes.

Denise: I decided to stop painting on my painting...because it wasn't turning out--so I did this pencil sketch instead!

Chris: I did a sketch too, but I'll pass for right now.

Thanks for some of the photos, Dave Burbach
Thanks, Vicki, for hosting today's paint out! We had a great time. See everyone again next time.

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