Paint out notes August 23, 2018k

We met today at the "Cattle Shoot Structure" at Sandy Delta Park.

Thank you, Tim Young for hosting (AND for taking the great photos).

We started at 9am and painted until 12, then we met back at the structure to talk about our work. (Well, we had to YELL because of the extra loud freeway noise...but despite that we had an exceptional time).

The Sandy Delta Park used to be a cattle ranch owned by Reynolds aluminum. Now it has gone to the dogs (in a good way)! The park is multi use and dog owners (and dogs) love the large off-leash area. We had three adorable plein air dogs show up today, showing off their considerable romping and cavorting skills.

It was a day to practice "atmosphere" because of the "Smaze" (smoke and haze). During the noon art discussion some of us talked (yelled) about how much of an ingrained habit it is to paint sunshine and how it was a challenge to knock back our usual sunny colors.

Chris Rectenwald brought her "Winston" painting and gave Winston to Vicki Zimmerman.

We had two new-to-outdoor-painting youngsters join in today, which was super-special! Thanks, Max and Ada for painting with us today, GREAT WORK! Paint with us anytime--!

(Paint outs take the place of our routine Thursday meeting until we find a new restaurant location. If you are a studio painter, you are welcome to come to the paint out location for art discussion at Noon and bring your current work).

Next Paint out, Thursday August 30, 9am at Irving Park with Host Nancy Smith Klos. Meet at the picnic tables, fan out and paint and reconvene at Noon for lunch and art discussion.  (Follow us on Facebook, this blog and our new Google Calendar to keep up-to-date with where we are going).

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