Paint Out Notes, October 12, 2018

We painted at Lower Cathedral Park with host Peggie Moje' (thanks, Peggie)! It was a perfect late summer type of day (even though it is fall)!  Popular subject matter fell into two clear categories....the iconic St Johns Bridge and a salvaged World War II steamship at the boat dock.

Thanks Tim Young for most of the photos! (go to Facebook to see them all)

Denise: I liked the bits of blue in-between the pilings, but I ran out of time.

Celeste: I wanted to "downplay" the ship and I had some concerns about "same-same" type shapes...I think the pilings redeemed the composition some. (I painted the Bridge in the afternoon and once again, I sought to "downplay" the Bridge).

Peggie: I painted this Bridge painting yesterday here with Brooks Hickerson's group. I painted this one today.

Vicki: I had issues with the curved lines that reach to the top of the Bridge. I'll work more on it later, to improve the lines.

Tim: This is a boat! (Laughter)!

Jim: I did a value study and then this painting of the River.

Nancy: My painting is in-progress, so, I didn't bring it over for the noon discussion. (Final painting is pictured)

Chris: I was late and just got started!

Kathy: I think some of my values seems too dark, but overall, I am ok with my effort!

David: I missed the discussion, because I was painting my 2nd painting at the boat dock.

Jane:  I just got started...!

Next Paint Out: Wednesday, 9am October 17 at Grice Farm (with "co-hosts" Mike Porter and Jim Syfert). The address of their farm is 10405 SW Grabhorn Road, Beaverton, 97007.  The farm entrance off of Grabhorn Rd. has a large wooden archway with a metal “G” sculpture over the entrance dirt road and a sign for U Pick Walnuts.

Next Art Discussion Meeting, Thursday, 9am, October 18 at French Quarter (Topic: Your current favorite "thing" (as it pertains to painting --what is it? i.e.: a tool, equipment, idea, canvas...etc)

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