Paint out notes Sellwood Riverfront Nov 14, 2018

We met today at Sellwood Riverfront Park. It turns out that there are two Sellwood Parks and today's host, David McBride always meant for us to meet at the Riverfront we are hoping that you figured it out and didn't wind up at the "other" park!

It was a little chilly, but it was still a lot of fun to paint together.

Art Discussion:

Robin: It is apparently damp out here today, because my watercolor never seemed to get very dry.

(Welcome Robin, first time painting with us)!

Bhavani: I am happy enough with my effort today. I like it here...the big trees are really nice!

Celeste: I purposefully left the boat out of my first painting..but because I had a little time I painted a 2nd painting (of the boat).

Dave: I painted this small painting as a warm up and then painted the larger one 2nd. This is a favorite spot for me!

Mary: I have been doing a lot of Urban I just brought my sketchbook out today. Next time, I'll use watercolor paper! My objective was to just paint outdoors today.

Jim: I concentrated on the fall color and added some diagonal marks in the river.

Tim (had to leave early but before he left he said): I concentrated on the houseboats and the Fall feel in the air!

Applause for all the painters!

(Elizabeth came today, but I don't know if she painted. Email your painting if you did, Elizabeth)! celesteobergin(at)gmail(dot)com

------------Thanks for hosting David McBride, and thanks for most of the photos, Tim Young.

Art Discussion meeting Thursday Nov 15:

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