Paint out notes, Sept 13, 2018

We met at the back entrance of Tualatin Wildlife Refuge. Our host, Brenda Boylan was set up just off the parking lot. There was a nice scene right there! Some fanned out and found their spots in the many paintable places. We reconvened at noon to discuss our paintings.

Bhavani: I planned my painting(s) by planning the composition in my sketch book. I made it a point to draw more than one plan for the scene.

Brenda: I think sketching ahead versus jumping right in has to do with personality. I "shoot from the hip"! I jump in.

Tim:  I have a suggestion...always have your business card with you! During the Fanno Creek paint out I gave my card to an interested onlooker. Later he called me to ask me if I could paint him and his dog into the scene! We agreed that I would, this is the painting and I am delivering it today. (Applause)! I also "shoot from the hip" as it pertains to sketching ahead of time.

Chris: I was anxious to use my script I jumped in! This board was one that I bought from Scrap.

Dotty: I like to begin the painting with transparent orange. I like how it warms up the greens.

Celeste: I got a late start! I met Sunny Apinchapong recently and he shared this parable: "Three people looking at the same apple will see different things. A man sees nourishment. A painter sees color and a poet sees Life"~! Sunny was counseling us to remember to see the poetry around us and to apply the paint "poetically!

Kim (New! Welcome): I am one of Brenda's students. I am a printmaker and oil is new to me. (Great job, Kim)!

Nancy: I painted over an old painting. I am not sure the values are correct. (Crowd objects! It looks good to us!) (Apology to Nancy! I didn't get a photo of your painting, please email to me).

Kathy: This painting is in progress! I'm going to add additional darks.

Mary (New! Welcome):  I painted in pastel...this is my first time painting with you,  but I have read the Alla Prima Portland blog for a long time. (We're glad you're here, Mary)!

Renita: I didn't want the trees to be a similar size, but they turned out a similar size! (Laughter)! I am satisfied with the variety of color.

Tom K: I started on this (abstract) painting first on Sauvie Island. I returned to Sauvie Island to paint on it more there and a young boy came up to me and said: "What is THAT?" (Laughter)! I explained that my paintings are interpretations of what I see. I subscribe to Turner's philosophy which was "1/2 of your time is spent looking, 1/2 of your time is spent painting".

Here are some of the teaching artists who have upcoming classes and workshops:

Brenda Boylan upcoming series at OSA
Michael Lindstrom one day workshop Vancouver WA
Michael Orwick upcoming weekly classes at OSA
Za Vue weekly classes (wait list)
Yong Hong Zhong upcoming workshop at Sequoia
Nancy Smith Klos upcoming workshop Dufur
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Friday figure sessions at OSA and Fresh Flower Saturdays at OSA


Thanks, all for coming out today...and special thanks to Tim young for most of the photos (For more photos, see our Facebook page)

Special thanks to Brenda Boylan for being our host and sharing one of her favorite painting spots with us!

Next Paint out is Thursday, Sept 20 9am, in Gresham with Host Kristina Sellers
227 N Main Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

We will meet in this public parking lot and just around the corner are some nice storefronts (optional: you can also paint in nearby Main City Park). We'll have our noon time discussion as usual (meet back at the parking lot at noon). For this paint out you have the option of bringing your lunch or joining some of us for lunch afterwards at Nicholas (Lebanese restaurant). All media and all levels are welcome.

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