Paint out notes, Sept 20, 2018

Today we met in Downtown Gresham with host, Kristina Sellers. The "alternative" location was nearby Main City Park.  Thanks, Kristina for hosting in Gresham...we really enjoyed the day.

We painted the charming buildings and made some new friends! (Gresham is super friendly...many passersby stopped to let us know how much they enjoyed seeing us painting). "Is this a class?" "If I stand here, will you paint me too?" One woman told us that Gresham is unveiling a new bronze statue next Saturday (Sept 22), one that honors "Mr. Gresham" Todd Kiran Several people wanted to get cards from us, to paint commissions and to contact us for ideas in the works for Gresham art events in the future. Lots and lots of positivity in Gresham!

Something we are certainly not used to ....there were no parking meters and apparently no limits of time in the parking spaces. Parking everywhere! (We parked in a free parking lot).

We painted until noon and discussed our results in front of a furniture store.

Kristina ..."The light changed so often, I'm glad that I "got" the light on the Chef's belly"

Sharon toned her panel in a rose-y orange and said "I fought it" (Good result, however, as far as we could see)!

Celeste "I planned one scene, but abandoned it in favor of a different one.. I'll call this "Gresham-Impression".

Loretta opted for the elaborate restaurant (Nicholas) building. "It was no easy task to indicate the reflections"!

Marti "I wiped this out and I'm re-stating it". 

Nancy: I wanted to add a 2nd person to show through the cafe window....but I ran out of time to get them in!

Kathy "I used Terry Muira's advice and mixed up 4 values ahead of the painting".

Chris "As usual I bit off more than I can chew ---but I will work more on the painting, I like the scene.

Elo wasn't going to paint today, (her Mom is visiting).. but she did find the time to paint a watercolor of a Gresham shop.

Judith drew a corner shop..."and I added a sketch of Anna"

Anna said: "It's just a start...because I just got here"!

Sue elected to paint in the park..."It is lovely there"!

Kathy also painted in the park: "The City Park is a favorite place of mine"

Raphael: "I scoped out the City Park, the website photos looked nice, and I decided ahead of time I wanted to paint this bridge".

After the discussion, some of us had lunch at Nicholas. An all around first rate day! Thanks, again, Kristina.  

Next Paint out: Thursday, Sept 27, in the parking lot at Powell Butte. (Great vista type views can be had right there from nearby the parking lot...but paint wherever you want and reconvene near parking lot for the noon lunch/art discussion). Host: Nancy Zhang.

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