Paint out notes, Soter Vineyard, July 22, 2019

Light turn out today, Monday July 22 at Soter Vineyard...but we all had a fabulous day ! Thanks so much to our host, Regina Atwood who arranged for us to paint at the vineyard. And big thanks to Soter Vineyard for everything! Most of us could be found where the Highland cows were and Kim painted above ... near the tasting room.

Here is what was said during the "art discussion" (at 12:30)

Joanne: I painted a tree. (Laughter)! I tried to capture the atmosphere in the employ some grays.

Kristie: Mine is "in progress". I just did the first wash. I am after a big sky. 

Regina: Mine is not quite finished either. I want a more purple-y blue in the foreground. I'll also integrate the background with the middle ground.

Kathy: I loved painting the cows! I have a little more to do to it...but I am pretty happy with my results. I like how the light cow leads you into the scene.

Kim: My background is in printmaking..I am using water soluble paints. I am interested in painting a bit bigger than the panel I used today.

Celeste: I concentrated on big shapes and I intentionally exaggerated the yellow in the sky. I may do more to it--but I may leave it be (to be determined)!

We also discussed the British show "Landscape Artist of the Year" (You can view old episodes on YouTube)

Thanks again, Regina, for the super day!
To see all the photos check our facebook page. (Also, stay tuned on our facebook page and our blog for upcoming paint outs).

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