Paint out notes, Wed October 17, 2018

We painted today at Grice Farm in Beaverton. Just a super day! The weather was perfection and as promised (by hosts Mike Porter and Jim Syfert) there was no shortage of scenes, out-buildings, fruit trees, animals, barns, old cars...well, no end of it! After our lunch and art discussion session the owner Steve Grice took us on a guided tour of the buildings (he has a fantastic antique collection, impossible to had to have been there)!

 Jim: I painted the windmill and used yellow for harmony. My other painting got caught by the wind and landed face down!

Mike: I am happy with my composition...but I think I may have lost a little of the light that I had at the beginning. I also did a drawing.

Paula: This is in progress. I did an underpainting and I like how it is showing through.

Judy: I am new to plein air and I did this in acrylic. It was drying really fast.

Hyon: This is in progress...not finished. I want to retain the whites and I want that rhymic movement that the foliage is providing! (Editor's note: Hyon drove from Fossil to be with us today...she get the prize for having come that farthest)! Applause!

Tom: I purposely chose a scene where there is a strong shadow that will be there for awhile! I'll go back into this to do more.

Bhavani: I spent quite a bit of time on this painting and I wound up removing the distant hill...I like the whole painting better now!

Kim: I working on editing...I don't want to put in too much! It is a challenge, I'm learning!

Kathy: I purposely put in a considerable amount of yellow...for unity.

Sandy: I chose the scene I did for the strong shadows. I feel like I could simplify this even more.

Laura: I am currently taking a drawing I feel a little like a split personality today (laughter)! 

Thanks hosts Mike Porter and Jim Syfert, photographer and cookie-maker: Sandy Syfert and owner Steve Grice for the wonderful day!

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Paint out week of Oct 22 TBA
Paint out, Wednesday October 31, Lone Fir Cemetery* with host Celeste Bergin *more than a cemetery, Lone Fir is also a city park and Portland's 2nd largest arboretum.

Thursday Art Discussion meetings have returned to Multnomah Village 9am every Thursday

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