Paint out Sept 27, 2018 notes

Today we met at Powell Butte Nature Park. What an awesome spot! Thanks for bringing us together, Nancy Zhang!

Artists painted near the visitor's center (and that was very convenient...the parking lot is right there). Some hiked up the trail and found scenes near the orchards. The park is home to many birds because of its open meadows, groves of wild hawthorn trees, forested slopes of Western red cedar, and wetlands near Johnson Creek. After we painted we had our usual lunch time art discussion. Thanks to Tim Young for photos of all of us as well as the park itself. (Find more photos on our Facebook page)

Nancy: I got a late start...! I had some trouble deciding on my scene, but in the end, I am pretty happy with the painting that I did.

Jennifer: This is my first time out with all of you (applause)! I chose a scene from the picnic table of the sculpture in front of the building.

Dotty: I *did* put the mountain in the center...! It just looked to good to me, I couldn't pass it up.

Stephanie: I opted to concentrate on the bright sunshine hitting the trees.

Kathy R: I used mostly palette knife on this painting. I also had time to do this painting of the nut trees.

Loretta L: I spent most of my time trying to get the values; I think I am "medium"-happy about my result.

Thomas: This is my old neighborhood! I lived here when I was in High School, when I was interested in learning to paint. I came out here and painted on a big painting, trying to put in every leaf (laughter)! It is good to be back here today (and to think about how different I paint now)! I think we all need umbrellas when it is this sunny. (I was wishing I had mine). Today I am trying out a new homemade medium.

Celeste: My objective today was to block in a colorful way; in an effort to keep my colors clean and lively. I think I mostly met my objective. 

Lisa: I don't consider myself a plein air painter yet at all...! So, I am happy with this, it is the best result that I have had so far! (Applause)!

Kimberly: I was late getting here, so I have more to do on this. It got too dark..but I can fix it.

Vicki: My objective was to concentrate on color!

Pam: This is my first time here (applause)! I am a student of Kathy's. I did this in acrylic and it is not finished. 

Kathy: I was intrigued by the pathways I saw and I knew I wanted to treat the background with purple. I spent 1/2 an hour on my study, because I wanted to get the plan right! I used phtalo and purple for the sky color.

Cheryl: I should get a prize for doing the smallest painting! It doesn't seem to matter, I will spend the same amount of time on a bigger one than a smaller one. I am the organizer of a Tuesday painting group in Vancouver. If you want to be put on the email list, let me know.

Raphael: When I walked up I noted the vistas for sure...but I was drawn to paint this impressive tree instead! I've been doing the Strada 30 day daily paint challenge and it has changed my approach! I will continue on an the leafy part of the tree is the last thing I will work on.

Jerry: Today I wanted to concentrate on composition.. this path and fence made it easy ! I sometimes work on too much detail...but I wound up happy with this.
Tim: My objective was to have fun...Mission accomplished! (Laughter)!

Renita: It looks like I was trying to cover my shirt! (Laughter)! Plein air is a challenge...I'm glad I came out today.

Peggie: I painted Mt. Hood. I wanted to capture the atmosphere (painting photo to come)

Mary: This is my first time painting with you (applause)! I took a recent workshop with Bill Park and his emphasis is on taking risks! I did that with this painting --and I wish I had an umbrella!

Next paint out: Oct 4 9am Clackamette Park with Host Raphael Schnepf

Elizabeth Jones call to artists:

Washington County Plein Air Reception Saturday 4- 6:30 Sept 29

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