Paint Out Notes August 11, 2019

Thanks Joanne Radmilovich Kollman ("JoRad") for the great demonstration! (Joanne recommended some books, see photo below).

We toured everyone's work at 12:30 and here is what people had to say about today's painting experience at the Steelman area of Sauvie Island.

Wendy: I learned from Za not to position your easel directly in front of your scene! (So I am positioned sideways to the scene. I didn't like this for awhile, but I've changed my mind. I especially like my clouds!

Andrew: I have Thalo green, viridian and ochre on my palette. I am after differing greens. I have a long way to go yet!

Vicki: Thanks to Joanne (for her demo) I've put pink in the sky. I have more to do..I'll refine the foreground.

Stephanie: I pre-toned my canvas with yellow. I thought it might be a gray day and I wanted to offset it! I don't think I'll do much more to this. I'll probably leave it where it is.

Sue: I was taken with the it fell on the painter's hat, so I decided to put the painter in! I also especially liked the field, how it seemed like wheat. 

Joanne: This is the demo that I did (I finished it). I stayed up late last night watching the movie "Goya's Ghost" (Laughter)! I used toned canvases for both of the paintings I did today. (One panel is Centurian Linen (I toned lightly with a ochre type color and the other panel is an old painting that I toned all over (and let dry) with a gray/brown mid value). 

Celeste: I painted larger because I wanted to concentrate on big shapes. I tend to get sort of fussy (and use dinky marks) when the panel is small. I pulled over a tree from elsewhere, because the painting seemed to want a vertical/diagonal.

Paul: I wanted to emphasize the water. In my 2nd painting I added this tree at the bottom, but I kind of think it would be ok without it! For me, if I make things up too much, it spells trouble! (Laughter)!

Cynthia: I did two paintings. I learned from the 1st one. I thought I may have blended too much --so for the 2nd painting I managed to not blend so much!

Bill: I have not painted in a long time. My big objective today was to not make things overly dark! (It has been an issue in the past). I generally use one brush..a 10 or a 12. I have been looking at a lot of Russian paintings and I like the texture that they use. I wanted a variety of texture/marks in the painting.

Robin: There was that cow that came up to us today..I mean right up to us, very close! I sketched the cow and then painted it from my sketch and my memory! Here, also, is my landscape painting.

Tom D: I put some warmth in the sky. I know that it is important to have both warm and cool represented! I may want to put more information in the trees...or maybe not. I feel relatively satisfied with my effort today.

Geri: This is my "Cheasel" (A combination Chair/easel) Laughter! Thanks to Mark, Sue's husband for explaining how to find this spot so I could join you. I just got started. 

Cheryl: My objective today was to work on big shapes and to be more bold with color. I am a big fan of Russian impressionists too!

Elaine: Watercolor is tough outside! It looks so different in the sun. I am digital artist, and I want to get back to my (watercolor) roots!


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