The "BIG" Paint out notes, Sept 3, 2018

Today we met at Dike Road next to the Sauvie Island Kennels on Sauvie Island for the "BIG" Labor Day Paint out. The idea behind the BIG paint out is to paint on a bigger-than-usual canvas (although the bigger canvas is only a suggestion and not a requirement).

Everyone did their best to cover their canvases in time for the Noon discussion. Many of the paintings were big and painters weren't finished yet, so we left the paintings where they were on their easels and managed a "walking-tour" discussion. Artists gave us their thoughts during "their" time. We all applauded every painting and some artists received double applause. For example, we had a couple new-to-us painters with us today (so they got a double dose of congratulations). Welcome, Robin, Marti and Joyce (and Tara too...did I miss anyone else?) Yong got extra applause because he keeps winning big prizes and we were all especially happy that Ken has returned to live in Oregon again. (Welcome back!)

Here are some of the teaching artists who have upcoming classes and workshops:

Yong Hong Zhong upcoming workshop at Sequoia
Brenda Boylan upcoming series at OSA
Michael Lindstrom one day workshop Vancouver WA
Michael Orwick upcoming weekly classes at OSA
Za Vue weekly classes (wait list)
Nancy Smith Klos upcoming workshop Dufur
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Friday figure sessions at OSA

Next Paint out: Thursday Sept 6, 9am* with Host Jerry Dickason

Pomarius Nursery: 1920 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
There are bathrooms, some parking (on a first come basis) where NW 19th St. ends behind Bedford Brown Design. There is a gate there that leads into the nursery. There is also street parking (with a fee).
They open at 10am  but we can come as early as 9am *You can also get there later, 9 is only a suggestion. The ground is pea gravel. There are areas of board walks and pavers. Jerry recommends use of a a 6X6 plastic ground cover to avoid clean-ups of brush & paint dropping accidents.
After painting, there are lots of places to sit for lunch and share our works. Many people this  place/space transformative, especially gardeners.


Thanks, all for coming out today...and special thanks to Dave Burbach, for the great pictures. (For more photos, see our Facebook page)

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