Meeting Notes April 19, 2018

At today's meeting, April 19, 2018: Eunice, Dave, Sharon, Tim, Marty B. (new), Chris, Ken, Diane, Lisa, Geri, Kathy, Tom, Za, Susan, Vicki, Ward, Jeanie, Dotty, Joanne, Elo, Stephanie, Yong, and me (Loretta U.)

Today's topic: Your current and upcoming projects/assignments---what's on your plate right now and in the future (and why)? How do you choose what you will work on next?

Loretta: Working up to working (Laughter).

Eunice: I've got other stuff to do right now, so no art. I will be putting lots of photos on the TV to use as subjects for painting.

Dave: Brought some Plein Air pieces, but I'm searching for a golf game fit to paint. Working with acrylics now. Looking forward to figurative projects.

Chris: Looking forward to the Lavender Festival. Working on illustrations for a children's book, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Plymouth. Doing some pencil and watercolor pieces. Also working on a white painting from the Art Studio Inspiration.

Marty: I haven't painted in a long time. I did paintings of the area where I lived.

Tom: I'm refilling my coffers in order to paint. Bought more 11"x14" canvases. At first, I was reluctant to buy pre-mixed paint colors for Plein Air, but I'm finding it opportunistic to do so, as it spurs ideas rather than having to think about mixing colors.

Jeanie: No plans, but I'm keeping busy.

Ward: As artists, we are wearing so many hats! There's so much to do: I'm looking for gallery representation, working on Websites, and videos. I also have a little studio in town, but I need to put the floorboards in before I can use it. Right now, I'm living in two places at once: the Paintmobile and the little studio.

Elo: Hoping to paint at the Lavender Festival. I have a show in Sellwood.

Vicki: I want the light like it is today so I can get out and paint! I'll be working on bigger canvases and using bigger brushes.

Kathy: My project right now is the Lavender Festival. I took a class with Jennifer Diehl.

Ken: I'm working on two Websites, plus cards. Brought a painting I did in Key West.

Susan: Staying close to home this summer, remodeling, and when it's done, I'll have everyone over.

Dotty: I enjoy doing a series, and I'm looking forward to doing a Forest series this summer.

Geri: I plan on working with acrylics this summer. I need patience regarding ideas. I took an online class, entitled "Travel Sketch Book" (from Sketchbook Revival).

Stephanie:  I grew up in L.A. with its urban scenes, so I'm more interested now in landscapes. I'm studying other artists, and also studying the photographer, Edward S. Curtis.

Tim: I have no plans. I have an issue with planning paintings ahead of time! (Laughter) I brought a white painting, and two other paintings.

Za: With a view toward Sorolla, I'm going to do my own series. (Laughter) I've been working too hard, so now I'm going to play, going to be on vacation! I travel to Olmsted tomorrow.
(Congratulations, Za)!

Joanne: Going to paint and camp out at Hood River. Going on vacation to Wydbe Island. I like painting big canvases on location, but not in bad weather. Have back-burner projects to do.

Lisa: Submitted work to Sitka Art Ecology, along with Diane.

Diane: I like to paint in themes. I'm intrigued by shiny objects, and then I see something else and I'm off to that. Working on backyard birds---what they eat and what they do. Working on a Robin and a Sparrow. After that, I'm going to work on a painting of goats.

Yong: I have a busy schedule. Going to New York with my children to see my parents. Going to the Finger Lakes. Also going to Hood River to paint Plein Air, and to the Peninsular in Washington. Previously, I did small works in oil, but I've since switched to watercolor. I brought a painting I did in Charleston,NC.

(Thanks for the Notes, Loretta Unger and thanks for the photos, Tim Young)!


Terry Miura will be doing a workshop at OSA June 15, 16, & 17. Contact Terry Miura directly via his email to sign up and pay for the course.
(Za encourages us to take his class, as "he is fantastic in figurative work, as well as cityscapes)" Cost $420. OSA: 2185 SW Park Pl 97205 Questions? Joanne Kollman: 503.752.3708

Paint the figure Friday ("Fine Art Friday") at OSA April 20 1-4pm  with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman. (uninstructed life session)
$20 drop ins are welcome

Come paint with 
FRESH FLOWER SATURDAY (and/or open studio, paint from your own reference) Every Saturday, Next one: April 21 1:30-4:30 pm with artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman $25
Questions? If you need assistance, instruction or help with supplies don't hesitate to ask, contact Joanne Kollman Drop-ins are welcome. 503.752.3708
(Bonus: JJoanne will head out to Sauvie Island after the flower session! You can join her in painting the "golden hour")

Thomas Kitts Workshop, 5 days, August 6

Paint with Elo at the Rhododendron Gardens on Next Tuesday

Portland Rental Gallery Reception with Dave McBride

Yong Hong Zhong two upcoming watercolor workshops (May and Sept)

Michael Lindstrom Upcoming Workshops (very popular, all about using more paint)
Announcing my 2018 Plein Air Workshop schedule!
Spring, Summer, and Fall.
4/28 Sauvie Island, OR
8/25-8/26 Jane Weber Arboretum, Vancouver,WA
10/13 Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver,WA
See my website for more details:
contact me with questions or registration

Artist Opportunities:

(You are encouraged to paint at the same locations with accepted artists):
Pacific NW Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Randall Sexton)

Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 (+ Workshop with Aimee Erickson):

Portland Open Studios:

Next Meeting, Thursday April 26, Suggested Table Topic: "You hate it...they love it" and conversely "You love it... they hate it"! What might account for this disparity in how you feel about your work and what others have expressed to you? Have there been times when you got a very unexpected reaction to something you painted? Specifics encouraged (bonus points if you bring the painting in question).

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