Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life painting session --"Steven"

Carol Wood

Maury Arthurs

Barbara Wilkinson

Diana Thewlis (In progress)

Marianne Stokes

David Rosenstein

Jennie O'Connor

Our model at tonight's evening life session at Janet's Art Studio was Steven. He had red hair and a "Great Gatsby" sort of look.


  1. You all did a marvelous job. I figured out what was different about his hair that made him seem from another era. Eureka! I think because it was longer on top, short on sides and back. No matter. He is one handsome Steven.

  2. It's so interesting to see the different renditions, all of them interesting viewpoints, all of them well done. Jennie O'Connor's painting, though technically not a portrait, is a wonderful multiple figurative abstraction. The young man does look like a newsboy in a movie taking place in the 30's.

  3. Love seeing them all too! Thanks for sharing, Celeste! And Janet's remained male. He he!

  4. Wonderful work. What long paint brushes!

  5. Hallie, I used the long handle brushes almost exclusively for my painting of Steven, which is 20"x26". You can tape short brushes to long sticks if you want to try it.