Friday, June 29, 2012

A Studio Visit with Jim King

Jim King recently participated in the Annual Tilbury Camp Tableau Vivant near Poulsbo, WA. (Tableau Vivant translates to "Living picture"). Costumed models recreated scenes of yesteryear farmers for painters and photographers. Jim worked from life at the event and was also permitted to take reference photos for additional studio paintings. During a visit to Jim's studio we got to see some recent work from the event and a maritime/harbor gem too (scroll down):

Milk Maiden

Farm Girl


Farmer in plumed hat

Hood River Marina (Plein Air)

Jim King in his studio

(Thanks for the visit, Jim!)


  1. Farmer in the plumed favorite! It is full of joy and whimsy! They are all just gorgeous though. What fun!

  2. Well I think I'd better throw in my pencil. These figurative paintings are what I'm after. They are wonderful, full of life--and probably produced a few days. Where what I'm working on is going to take me months.

  3. A really beautiful line up of paintings. Great reds!