Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Paint-out dates

(A message from Brooks Hickerson):

July 2013 Paintouts

July 2, Tuesday, Paint Keller Fountain, SW 3rd at SW Clay. Forecast is hot so I will be here early, 9am-1pm. Keller park has lots of shade and wading ponds and kids.

July 3, Wednesday, Paint Sauvie Island with David McBride. We meet at 3 pm. Details here:  Bring a picnic and we'll have 'dinner' together!
July 6, Saturday,  Paint the roses red at the Rose Test Garden in Washington Park as early as possible. I can be there from 10-2pm. The roses are stunning and the tourists are friendly.

July 7, Sunday, Paint Orenco Farmers Market in the parking lot of New Seasons Orenco Station, 10am to 2pm. Just a little shade so a sun umbrella might be useful.

July 10 and 17, Wednesdays, Paint Farmer’s Market at Shemanksi Park, SW Main at SW Park Ave. 10am-2pm. Lots of tents, tourists, and shade.


July 10& 17, Wednesdays, Paint Sauvie Island with David McBride. We meet at 3 pm. Details here: !

July 11, Thursday, Paint Jamison Square wading pool with pets and kids. Lots of benches and shade. I plan to paint early 10-2pm.

July 13th, 18th, and 20th, (Saturdays and Thursday) Paint the Roses red at the Rose Test Garden three more times. I plan to paint early, 10-2pm. There will be no excuse for not having a painting for the Rose Festival 2014.

The week of July 23-27 I plan to be in Newport, Oregon painting with Eric Sandgren and a hundred of his close friends. If anyone is staying in town and want to schedule a paintout, let me know and I will put it on the calender.

I have left lots of open dates for additional paintouts. (Do you have a suggestion?)


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