Meeting notes, Thursday, JUNE, 2013

At today’s meeting: Eunice, Loretta, Tim Y, Peggie, Stephanie, Jean, Tim L, Chris, Marty, Diane, Nancy, Dave, Char, Kay, Joanne me (Celeste) and Donna.

Today’s suggested topic: Long and short term goals. Most everyone has them...Goals are often private, so we’ll list some of them that we heard today in this ‘generic’ list (along with thoughts, ideas and recommendations):

  • Visualize yourself as successful. (Painting successful paintings) all the athletes do this (see themselves achieving what they want).
  • Aim high to miss high, aim short to miss short!
  • You have a responsibility to act
  • Participate in out-of-town plein air competitions
  • Take more workshops
  • Estate planning (so that one has control over what art is destroyed)
  • Practice drawing at Hipbone, concentrate on going back to basics.
  • Continue working on contracts received (grant received)
  • Connecting with others (like this group)
  • Paint in Europe
  • Art projects and programs through Catholic Charities
  • Leave yourself open for all opportunities
  • Enjoy new confidences and use them to make presentations to others.
  • Be community-minded
  • Do live demonstrations
  • Become a “scratch” painter (it’s a golf analogy)
  • Sell paintings, as a way to clear the way for more paintings
  • ‘Play’ with other mediums, including marble dust
  • Find Joy
  • Be fully present and be open to what your own passions and intentions can bring to you.
  • Be open-minded!
  • Own and operate a large studio where others can come and paint
  • Get back to a rhythm, get looser and keep doing it.
  • A short-term goal can be anything from an hour away to weeks away and some long-term goals may come and go and change based on your age and circumstances.
  • Paint three times a week
  • Get 100 paintings behind me
  • Take painting trips

Specific news:

Lots of paintings showed up!

Diane brought in two paintings that clearly show progress in her portrait painting. She showed us two brushes, (a before and after type thing) one that had been cleaned (thoroughly) with Murphy’s oil soap and the other that showed what the brush looked like prior to cleaning.

I (Celeste) brought in a grouping of rough layouts in paint on one panel

Diane is demo-ing this Friday at the Masonic Temple in Beaverton.

Chris is sharing a DVD with us by Jack Canfield. (She is loaning it---thanks, Chris!)

(BTW, Chris believes in setting goals...Her goals made it so she moved here from Michigan!) 

Tim told us a story about an experiment with a basketball team, some played basketball, while others were told to visualize making baskets. Later they all played and the participants who visualized scored consistently better than those who did not.

Marty told us a story about a prisoner of war in Vietnam who spent his captivity imagining himself golfing  (very specific, on each and every hole). When he finally got home and did play a round his score was as low as a professional! Marty brought in a painting of his dog, Matty.

Jean brought in three (excellent) plein air paintings.

Nancy is offering a workshop, she also recommends Scott Gelllatly’s workshop. See the OSA website for information. You do not have to be a member of OSA to participate in workshops at OSA. She has gotten a new studio at the Town Storage building (congratulations, Nancy!)

Kay (and others) are a show beginning Sunday at Broderick Gallery.

Joanne (and others) are in a show at Lane Gallery (Reception Friday)

Donna is in a show at Art on Broadway (Reception Friday) and there are other shows coming up.

Char has started to apply paint to a surface! Go Char!

Dave will be at Sauvie Island for paint outs throughout the summer.... Wednesdays at 3pm. You’ll get emails about this if you are on our email list.

Jullian makes Dave’s wet canvas carrier.

Dave donated two paintings to the Alzheimer’s Auction. Great cause!

Stephanie is the new artist at “It’s a Gift” in Montavilla. She’ll be there for a first Friday reception.
Stephanie is enjoying transitioning into oils from acrylics.

Tim Young showed us his self-portrait...(one that he did ”after” Thomas Kitts! ---cool!)

Kay has a good source for float frames and cradled panels:

Matt McCalmont 

Thanks all for coming and sharing what you know!

Next meeting: June 13...plein air (or painting from life) equipment and set ups ---tell us something about it!

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June 13

At today’s meeting: Loretta, Steve, Tim Y, Diane, Jean, Kay, Thomas, Dave, Char, Marty, Chris, Tim L, Eunice, Joanne, Donna, Za and me (Celeste).

Today’s suggested topic: Getting ready to paint (physically and mentally)

I (Celeste) showed how I pared down my “too much stuff” into one backpack. I blogged about the subject here:

I also recommended repeating a positive affirmation before beginning a painting. (I learned this in a book by Eric Maisel).
Joanne talked about her positive plein air experience at Sauvie Island. Next time she’ll know to bring a tarp! (it rained). She continually works on all her projects (including meeting with us) in a serious manner. Follow-through is as important as the start.

Kay is working on our current roster (thanks, Kay). It will be ready soon. It will be helpful for contact information, especially for impromptu paint outs. She brought in her favorite meditation CD. She has been participating in the extended pose at Hipbone and brought in a figure painting. She shared these links with us:

Jean told us that she repurposed a yellow recycle bin for wet painting storage while on her recent three week road trip. She used one of those large blue IKEA tote bags as a cover for it. She showed us two (lovely!) plein air paintings and she said she realizes she can’t avoid difficult subjects.

Diane did a demonstration from a photo at the Masonic Lodge in Beaverton. The lighting was not suitable for painting, but she enjoyed herself, nonetheless!  She did a great portrait (using the Zorn palette). Diane said she knows she is making good solid advances in her figure painting ("Thanks to Za!").

Tim Y tells us that to get ready to paint outdoors he simply takes all the stuff he has for studio painting and loads it into “Studio H”. (Studio H= his Honda Element). He brought in a super plein air painting from Sauvie Island.

Steve tells us that the act of putting on his apron is something that puts him in a frame of mind to paint. It’s akin to putting on hiking shoes to go hiking. He senses a difference in how he feels painting in the landscape versus how he feels painting in the city. (Of course, one seems more relaxing than the other). He brought in two paintings.

Loretta likes good music to accompany her painting and she'll often think/say something meaningful and positive to herself before putting brush to canvas.

Eunice has three different painting set ups that are all packed and ready to go. She keeps supplies in her car. Very convenient!

Tim L has just started plein air painting. His maiden voyage was in the pouring rain. He had this suggestion...”watch the cows”, he said, “if you see them heading for cover, a storm is coming”

Tim “publicly” thanked Za for workshop and her continued help. (A round of applause followed this).

Chris also just started plein air and she brought in a painting from Laurelhurst that had rain spots on it (she elected not to blog it). She will varnish her gear with Marine varnish to protect against the rain. She showed us a happy yellow volkswagen painting.

Marty likes to put on good music (like Pavarotti) and he knows that it is super-helpful to visualize the subject onto the canvas.

Char did an abstract plein air painting yesterday. She’ll bring in it after it dries.

Dave is hosting weekly paint outs at Sauvie Island (Wednesdays at 3pm). Yesterday he forgot his umbrella (but painted a very decent painting anyway). He has a tool chest on wheels and a French Easel. Before he begins painting he thinks of one or two descriptive words that help him feel solid about his idea.
He also showed us a new painting of a ship that he painted near Albers Mills. Excellent!

Thomas Kitts told us that many years ago he was a part of Search and Rescue. Back then he learned the value of having tools/supplies “in one place” and he currently uses that same philosophy for his painting gear. Thomas agrees that his stuff is quite streamlined, but he told us that he used to paint with someone who brought way too much.... however, that fellow’s paintings did not suffer! (Point being, preparedness is an individual thing).

Because much of the talk today was about plein air painting in the rain, Thomas showed us one of his favorite paintings of him painting in a squall. Thomas said, “The guy who took the photo was sitting in his car”

Thomas goes to Los Gatos next week.
Scottsdale has asked him to teach! (Congratulations, Thomas!)

Donna is a studio painter. She feels a little disorganized. She uses two tables for her work instead of one. She likes that extra space. She brought in a painting that had lots of geometry. “It can be tedious...but I stayed with it” (and she was rewarded!)

Za considers herself a “desperate painter”.  The time she has to paint is limited (she works full time). For this reason, she is always ready to paint. Her supplies are in the trunk of her car at all times! She recommends, “looking at excellence”. She will become inspired by watching select youtube videos. She has recently been inspired by Nicolai Fechin. She suggests being clear on your intent. Are you painting to produce a study or a finished piece? Different goals call for different approaches. Za brought in 3 paintings.


 Apply to the Hood River Plein Air competition/exhibition. You have until Saturday to do this. (If you are not accepted, come and paint anyway--! The Columbia Center encourages this and last year several who were not selected "painted along" and had a wonderful time).

Eric Jacobsen and Mike Orwick have some spots available for their coast workshop.

Thomas as 2-3 spots left in his Hood River plein air workshop. His August workshop has a waiting list. He has other super-exciting workshops in the works.

Gene Constanza is offering a workshop in August (Eugene)

OSA awarded ribbons in their Rose Festival Show. Congratulations, David McBride and Joe Howard...(and others!)
Steve Kleier continues his popular drawing and watercolor classes. Join up!

THANKS to all for sharing your ideas and paintings meeting Thursday, June 20, suggested table topic: Favorite art books (what makes it your favorite?)

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June 20, 2013

At today’s meeting: Loretta, Diane, Lisa, Tim Y, Peggi, Marty, Joanne, Tim L, Chris and me (Celeste)

Suggested table topic...books, articles or DVDs that are your favorites—share with us

I (Celeste) brought in a copy of Sovek’s Oil Painting: Develop Your Natural Ability and also a recent painting that I did on natural linen canvas.

Chris recommends An Artist’ way of Seeing by Mary Whyte. She also brought in an article by Elizabeth Mowry about painting in a series.

Tim L has recently been reading a book authored by dancer Twyla Tharp. He also recommends The War on Art by Steven Pressfield.
He thinks Hazel Soan’s videos have merit.

Joanne’s favorite art books are Ted Goerschner’s Workshop Experience, Kevin MacPherson’s Light and Color and Craig Nelson’s book called 60 Minutes to better Painting.

Marty suggests Mastering Color by McMurray.

Peggi showed us her book called Secret Knowledge by David Hockney.

Tim brought in Color by Finlay (and he brought an assortment of art books to give away, Thanks, Tim)! He showed us a landscape in a new frame. He painted with Dave McBride on Wednesday.

Lisa brought California Light by Stern and showed us her painting of Arizona.

Diane continues to work with the Zorn palette and bought some big tubes of ochre and cad red. She has been interested in the work of Domenic Cretara:

Loretta also likes the Goerschner book and recommends Women who Run with Wolves by Estes. Though not an art book, the subject/message is germane to artists.


Joanne and Peggi are both in Lake Oswego Festival (together with Brooks HIckerson and others) Reception Friday 6pm Key Bank Pavilion:

Still time to sign up for the Lavender paint out:

Other future competitions events to consider


Joanne has work in Beaverton City Hall and NW Community Center beginning July 1.

Dave McBride hosts paint outs on Sauvie Island every at the grocery. 3pm

Message and photo below from Brooks Hickerson:

Thursday, June 27, we will be painting the Broadway Bridge from the path by Waterfront Pearl Condos.
Parking lot near 1200 NW Naito or on the street. Good views from Waterfront Pearl Condos on the Willamette River.
I will be there late from 1-5 pm.

Saturday, June 29, will be a repeat of the Broadway Bridge paintout for those of us who cannot make the Thursday paintout.

Keep Painting Outside,
ps.  Jan with her painting and the cute couple that purchased i:


Thanks for coming and sharing your ideas and paintings....Next suggested topic (June 27)
Let's hear what brought you to painting in the first place (your background) and what currently motivates you.

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June 27, 2013

Thanks for coming today, Loretta, Diane, Lisa, Tim, Vicki, Stephanie, Donna, Kay, Dave, Char, Joanne, Mary and Eunice. (I was there too, Celeste)

Today's topic: "Your personal background and what keeps you motivated now".

(Each of us gave background information about ourselves and this was meant to get us thinking about our own mission statements and/or short concise memorized 'elevator' speeches).

Some of the 'current motivators' mentioned were: reading, painting from direct observation, Workshops, going to museums and being in a group (such as ours!)

Announcements and other things mentioned today:

Congratulations to Donna Sanson for the great article that recently appeared in Beaverton Downtown Times about her and her gallery Art on Broadway.

Joanne Kollman is at the Beaverton City Hall in July for her solo show entitled Northwest Neighbors.

There is a list of paint out dates listed on our blog for Sandgren's July paint out on the coast.

Brooks Hickerson continues to plan paint outs downtown.

Dave McBride continues paint outs on Wednesdays 3pm, meet at the Cracker Barrel store.

A number of paint out events have been posted on the Alla Prima blog. Scroll back into older posts, if you have missed them:

Check the Alla Prima Portland facebook page for updates from me and others and add anything you want to share there:

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, July 4, Topic Color Mixing! (do you have a special tip to share?)

Thanks for coming today!

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