Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July--! Art Discussion Meeting, O'Connors

Char McBride

Kay Elmore (from Gellatly workshop)

Thim Lally

Diane Marks-Bestor (small studies)

Loretta Unger

Tim Young

Tim Young

Tim Young

To read notes from the meeting....go HERE


  1. HI Celeste,
    The three paintings from Cannon Beach were done in the Eric Jacobsen and Micahel Orwick workshop. The one of the tree was done in the Scott Gellalty workshop at The Cooper Mountain Nature Park in Tualitan. You've noted that on Kay's pieces so I thought this info should also be on mine as I did
    these with supervision of instr
    uctors. Thank you!

    Nancy KLos

  2. Could you please add my name and info to your artist listing to the right here?
    Nancy Klos

    Thank you Celeste!